Dielectric materials

Dielectric materials

Atomic Orbitals

Atomic properties

Gas and particle simulations

Gas and particle simulations

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics

Electromagntic propagation

Electromagnetic propagation

Orbital dynamics

Orbital dynamics


Physical Numerics® (PhysNum) provides physics solutions such as scientific analysis, hardware design, and signal processing. We use modern computing to solve real-world problems. Our expertise areas are:

Advanced Physics Modeling

We have fast and accurate models for microscopic and macroscopic realms of physics, from quantum interactions to electrodynamics and mechanics. We use analytic techniques to reduce complex systems to their core degrees of freedom. Powerful results emerge when optimizations are informed by tuned physics models. Our philosophy is that the best software is developed on a solid foundation of scientific theory, rather than the other way around.

High Performance Computing

We tailor computing architectures to tackle the most demanding applications, leveraging CPUs and GPUs symbiotically. Our software thrives at all possible tiers of acceleration on modern hardware: vectorization, multicore processing, and distributed computing.

System Optimization

From processor instructions to top level architecture, we'll optimize every aspect of your system, whether it's scientific equipment, imaging hardware, or pure software. We'll find ways to improve accuracy, speed, efficiency, as well as your own custom performance metrics.

Scientific Consulting

We work with industry leaders to develop next generation product technology. Whether you're at a critical juncture on a development project, or inventing an innovative design, we'll do the underlying research to answer your fundamental questions.

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